Amir Owens - Interim Director for Athletic Performance
John Lockwood - Graduate Assistant
Mark Jamison - Intern

EWU Strength & Conditioning Philosophy
The primary philosophy of the Eastern Washington University Strength & Conditioning department is to increase the performance of our athletes while decreasing their risk for injury.  This is accomplished through a personalized strength, speed, and conditioning program that emphasizes:

  1. Dynamic flexibility & mobility
  2. Rehabilitation / prehabilitation
  3. Soft tissue quality
  4. Strength & power through Olympic and Powerlifting variations
  5. Balance between unilateral and bilateral training
  6. Reactive and ballistic training
  7. Ground based, rotational, and anterior core training
  8. Acceleration, transitional, and maximal speed mechanics
  9. Sprint endurance
  10. Recovery modalities

We expect the athletes to train with the intensity and determination necessary to become Big Sky Champions, and ultimately National Champions.

Student-Athlete Workout Tutorials

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