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Eastern Washington University is a member of the National Collegiate Athletic Association sponsored Champs Life Skills Program. The program commitment areas are Academic Growth, Personal Development, Community Service, Career Development, and Athletics.

The mission of the Life Skills Program at EWU is to offer the participants an opportunity to learn a valuable set of behaviors with which to make effective choices in their lives now and after they graduate from Eastern Washington University.

The program also provides the athlete with a competent, confidential staff member in which they can confide and seek advice on any issue that may arise during their association with the University. The Life Skills class is required for all incoming students within the Athletic Department. This three-credit class includes topics involving interpersonal conflicts, self-starting and motivation, anger, depression, grief and loss, all of the addictions, manipulation, adjusting to college life and many others. The overall result is the students gain a better understanding of why they behave and how they behave and how to make more effective choices to get what they want.

The second element of the program provides for the availability of the Life Skills Coach to talk with any student athlete at any time in a confidential environment and to work on any problems they experience. This is designed for the athlete to have within the Athletic Department a trained therapist that knows and understands athletes and with whom they are familiar, comfortable and they can trust. All information is
kept confidential.

There is no cost to the athlete for this service and they do not need to have prior authorization by any other coach or staff member to use the program. The coach is around the practice facilities, weight room, and the campus on a regular basis and can be approached any time. Arrangements can also be made through his office or by asking any coach to assist.

Jim Fitzgerald, Assistant Athletic Director for Student Success
E-mail: jfitzgerald2@ewu.edu

Online Student Resources
2008 National Collegiate Alcohol Awareness Week (NCAAW): http://www.iatf.org/
NCAA Alcohol, Tobacco and other Drug Education information: http://www.ncaa.org/health-safety

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Counseling and Psychological Services: http://www.ewu.edu/x6658.xml
Academic Success Center/TRIO: http://access.ewu.edu/ASC.xml

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