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Progress Reports
Progress reports are sent to help assess a student's academic success and determine if a student needs assistance in any course work. In most instances, students will deliver the progress report to their instructor and the completed forms are mailed back to the Academic Coordinator for student athletes, which are then shared with the respective coaching staff.

SAAS Evaluation
At the end of the academic year, each of the coaching staff's will be given the opportunity to evaluate Student Athlete Academic Services, with input from student athletes. Your input is very important in this process as you are the focus of the service. You may download a copy of the evaluation in preparation of providing your input: SAAS Evaluation. Any information you provide to your coach will be kept confidential.

As a student athlete, you must declare a major by the start of your 7th quarter. To do so you will have to contact the individual department you plan to major in to find out the departments procedure. Most departments will require you to fill out a major declaration card, which will be turned into the office of Undergraduate Studies. If you change majors, you must make satisfactory progress toward the new degree. Student-athletes can only change major's between quarters or during the summer; you cannot change your major once a quarter starts.
Interdisciplinary Studies Majors – If you declare as Interdisciplinary Studies, you must have an officially signed and authorized educational plan from the office Interdisciplinary Studies on file in Student Athlete Academic Services to be certified eligible to compete.

At Eastern Washington University, a student is required to attend the first two class sessions for all courses otherwise instructors have the option to drop a student from class for non-attendance. You are expected to attend each and every class during the quarter. The only time you will be allowed to miss or leave early is for activities related to traveling for an away competition. "No class time shall be missed for practice activities except when a team is traveling to an away-from-home contest and the practice is in conjunction with the contest." (NCAA Bylaw This means you may not arrive or leave class early for anything relating to practice unless it is for the reasons outlined above.

Before you may drop/withdraw from any class you will be required to obtain permission from Student Athlete Academic Services. In order to ensure that student-athletes do not drop below the mandatory 12 credit hours, the Athletic Department has placed a registration hold on all student athlete accounts. Once the University drop/add deadline has passed, a student-athlete must obtain written approval using the University's Course Drop/Add Form Get Acrobat Reader. The Office of Records and Registration will not authorize any withdrawals without all requirements on the form: the signature of the adding professor and removal of the athletic registration hold.


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