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Study Hall Policy

            Computing and Engineering Building-Rooms 102 & 105

Days & Time
            Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday
            6:00-8:30 pm each night

Study Hall Guidelines/Rules
            In order to facilitate a better learning environment and maintain the two classrooms, the following rules will be in effect:

  1. No food or drinks in either classroom-step into the hall for a drink or snack
  2. No Chew allowed
  3. No cellphone/text messaging in either classroom-if expecting an important call from a parent or coach, set your phone to vibrate and notify supervisor you are expecting a call and take it outside the room
  4. Computer usage must be class-related-no movies, ESPN, EWU sports, Facebook, or Email, etc.
    Exception: Facebook/Email access allowed for first 5 minutes of study hall
  5. Classrooms should be quiet: Excessive talking, laughter are disruptive to other students
    Exception: Quietly working with a tutor or another student on an assignment
  6. Sign-in Sheets: Everyone must sign in and out with the correct time and specifically describe objective to be completed each night
    Example: History 110-Read C. 5 & 6

    Consequences For Violating Study Hall Guidelines
  • First Offense: Coach and Academic Coordinator (Melanie Thomas) notified
  • Second Offense: Coach and Academic Coordinator notified and a deduction of accumulated study hall time as penalty
  • Third Offense: Student will meet with coach and Academic Coordinator and penalty will be determined



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