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Tutoring Services

Tutoring Services
 Tutoring is available to all student athletes free of charge. Student Athlete Academic Services uses a mix of campus resources and individual tutoring. The first option is to utilize institutional resources and if that does not fit the students schedule then individual tutoring is the next option. SAAS is continually looking for qualified tutors for a variety courses but if we do not have a tutor to meet your immediate needs we will actively recruit to fill the position. The tutors work with no more than four students per quarter with weekly one-on-one or group sessions. Our tutors are required to attend a tutor training session and are only used for those courses in which they have expertise. To request a tutor please fill out a Tutor Request Form and a staff member from SAAS will contact you to review the following tutoring policy.

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Personal Tutor Request Policy
To request a tutor from Student-Athlete Academic Support you must follow these steps:

  1. Fill out a tutor request form, available from Student Athlete Academic Services or online.
  2. Once matched with a tutor and you have been contacted by the tutor you will have 24 hours to setup an appointment with the tutor. If you do not make contact in that time, Student-Athlete Academic Services will contact you to identify the delay.
  3. The student-athlete and the tutor will arrange a schedule as to when and where they will meet for a one hour tutoring session and any other necessary details.
  4. If you are unable to keep a scheduled appointment, you must inform the tutor and SAAS 24 hours in advance of the session. You will be given a warning and your coach will be informed, the first time you miss an appointment. The second time, your coach will be informed and your team's budget will be charged for the missed session. Continuous missed sessions may result in the termination of tutoring privileges.
  5. By requesting a tutor, you are agreeing to the above policy.

Tutee's Responsibilities

  1. Arrive 5 minutes early to your session.
  2. Bring all relevant materials needed for the session. (ie. Books, Paper, Pen...etc.)
  3. Be prepared for the session. Read assigned work, and have questions prepared about what is not clear. Explain what you do understand to the tutor and the tutor will ask leading questions about what you do not understand.

Tutor's Responsibility

  1. Use leading questions to guide students to their own ideas.
  2. In Math and other analytical subjects it is helpful to clarify areas of confusion (for example remind a student of the order of operations in a given math problem).
  3. Provide various ways of explaining the material to help a student grasp concepts.

What tutor's will not do:

  1. Tutors are not Cliff Notes.
  2. Tell you what to write. That is your responsibility.
  3. Edit papers. They will only highlight inconsistencies and teach the proper usage.
  4. Loan you any money.
  5. Tutor you in your place of residence.
  6. Do a student's course work in any fashion.
  7. "Type up" papers. If you want to learn to type faster Student Athlete Academic Services can help.

Our responsibility as an academic support unit is to help student-athletes help themselves to succeed as students, so please ask for help.

Academic Study Session
Supervised study sessions are held four nights a week for 3 hours. The sessions are currently held in the Computer Engineering Building, rooms 102 and 105. All students are encouraged to use this scheduled study time, which provides access to 35 computer systems and a separate quiet studying environment. Tutors are available during these sessions to help with a variety of subjects.

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