Social Media Toolbox

So you’re on social media! Now what? We’ve designed this tool box to help you build a loyal following on your personal or program social media accounts.  Remember, on social media people connect with people, not logos.

Channel Basics:


Main Audience

Posting Tips/Times



All ages, the social media living room where conversations take place

1-2 times per day max. 3-5 times per week minimum early a.m. and early evening best. Do not over-post. Right before or right after games.

Photos work best, behind scenes stuff, shout out to athletes, other sport news, shout outs to other EWU programs. Use humor wisely.


16-45 top ages. Real-time channel. The newsroom. Media follows you here.

3-5 times per day max. Once per day minimum. Mornings before 9, late afternoons, early evenings. Just before or after games.

Insider news, pictures (horizontal not vertical), sports news of interest to fans, shout outs to other teams and SAs. Retweet with wisdom.


16-35 top age group. Media is following you here as well.

Same as Twitter. Especially around game times

Pictures/videos only. Behind the scenes, during practice, journal road trips. Other EWU events you attend. Videos have to be engaging so be smart and short. Vertical or horizontal.


We prefer you use Instagram as a video channel for now. Please see Social Media Manager if you’re interested in YouTube



Posting Basics:

As a department, we have five basic “value buckets” we want to use when thinking about what to post. This is information we know our fans want from our audience research:

  • Post about your team
  • Post about other EWU teams
  • Post about EWU
  • Post about Cheney/Spokane
  • Post about sports you’re interested in

Since we know our fans like to hear about all these content areas, try to post a variety. If you run out of ideas, remember you can re-post (or share) content from other EWU sources and teams.

Advantages of being on social media:

  • Connect with recruits (that’s where they are)
  • Promote your program to potential donors (let them see your successes and positive reputation) 
  • Deepen the loyalty of your fan base (when you show fans you care about them, they will care about you—good times and bad)

Avatars, backgrounds, and cover pictures:

The department will provide an image cheat sheet with the most recent sizes of all images for branding your accounts. Please ask the Social Media Manager for help if you need it. We want all accounts that represent the department to be visually branded to EWU Athletics.

Tips to remember:

  • Using hashtags:
  • Posting frequency
  • Leave room for retweets: try to stay under 125 characters on your tweets to encourage others to retweet you

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