Kyla's Blog - Week 15

Jan. 1, 2008

So it has been awhile since I have taken a swing at the whole blog thing. I had a nice little Christmas Vay-cay from it you might say. Well, I am back and ready to go.

Christmas break was a little odd this year. Odd in a good way though. First of all, I took the clan of Serbs home with me primarily because they are super cool but also because I believe that it is essentially a crime against humanity to knowingly leave people alone for the holiday season! So they rolled with me, and it turned out to be pretty dang great.

For one, not only did my parents love them but so did the rest of the Brewster community. I half expected a statue to be erected in their honor. We snowmobiled, played Rock Band for like six hours and just hung out with my family and all of my friends.

Okay so I have a really funny story! A few hours after we got to my house we were all just chillin in the kitchen/living room having a grand ole time. Petar went over to the sink to wash his hands or something and glanced to his right and spotted a small basket that had two baggies of oregano in it. Now if you have ever seen oregano then you might know that it looks very similar to marijuana. So he walked up to me and says, "Oh my gosh, is that weed over there?" Now I knew my parents had been living it up since their second and final kid left the house, but I had no idea that they had taken up recreational drug use! So I went over to the basket to check it out for myself and I realized that it was only herbs, not weed. I assured the Serbs that we would not be spending our vacation smoking up some Christmas weed. And then, the whole family laughed for about 10 minutes about the whole situation. It was so funny.

As you can see, my Christmas was pretty crazy, but so much fun. It was really cool because I felt like I had it all for Christmas. I got to be with my best friends from college, my best friends from home and my family all at the same time. It was really incredible. So incredible that I cried like a baby on the evening of the 26th because it was over. But then I got over it and now I am back in the swing of things here in Cheney!

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