Kyla's Blog - Week 18

January 28, 2008

Okay, just in case you haven't noticed I would like to point out that there is a lot of snow outside. I just want to warn you because it would be a big shocker if you went outside and had not been pre-warned of this great snow extravaganza. The ample amount of snow brings out some tragedies while highlighting some exciting occasions as well. The delightful things are somewhat obvious. They include heavenly snow angels, turbulent sled rides, and all-around cold white funness. Now in the spirit of not having an all-out pity party, I am just going to throw this out there. I am personally having a hard time getting into the winter wonderland spirit. You see, I am on crutches, my friends, and that tends to put a slight damper on the whole outdoor activity scene. I actually ate it for the first time today, but seeing that there is like one billion millimeters of snow outside, it made for a fluffy and soft landing. There we go, a positive!

The snow also presented my team with a slight hurdle to overcome this weekend. You see, on Friday mid-morning we thought we would be going on a typical trip down to Portland for our game the next day, and then making a brisk return Saturday evening. Well, things did not exactly go down that way. We left PSU after our game and departed the campus at approximately 4:20 p.m. Our final destination for that night due to closed roads was Umatilla, Ore., which is supposed to take about three hours and two minutes to travel. It took us a solid six. So then the next morning we left the hotel at around 10:45 headed to Cheney. That drive is supposed to take two-and-a-half hours. We rolled into Cheney at about 4:45. So there is the mathematical breakdown of our weekend excursion. It included busting some chains, an attempt at watching "I Love Lucy" on the bus TVs, getting our bus stuck in the Perkins parking lot and using up my entire iPod battery. Good times. The thing about it was, in a weird way it was sorta fun, like an adventure or something. When we first got to the inn in Umatilla, Coach Webb offered up his trail mix, because that is all there was to eat. I felt like we were trying to survive out in the woods or something, even though we did sleep at the inn. So in ways, it kind of was the trip from hell, but to be positive it was a good little bonding experience I suppose. So we can thank the snow for our team being that much closer. The funniest thing about all of this though is that more snow is supposed to come and we have an even longer trip to Montana to leave for on Wednesday. Round two, here we come!

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