Kyla's Blog - Number 19

February 11, 2008

Emily Dickinson once said in a poem that, "Water is taught by thirst." Basically she was trying to make the point that a person cannot truly appreciate the value and importance of water unless they have been thirsty. This poem was written in the 1800s, but I see a direct connection to my life now. See, prior to this past Saturday it had been awhile since our team had last tasted victory - seven weeks if you want to get technical but the details are not the important thing here. The important thing is that on Saturday Feb. 9, 2008, the Eastern Eagles came away victorious in a heated contest with the Northern Arizona Lumberjacks. We won! Now, one victory might seem miniscule in the eyes of other teams or people, but for us it was big. One single solitary win has never felt so good. The win was like water, and it felt so good because we were so freaking thirsty!

It is amazing what a win will do for the team morale. Everyone was smiling and, for the rest of the weekend, no one had to be depressed. It was quite the deal. We may not have the best record in America, but we don't have the worst one, and on that day we won. So basically, it was great.

As if the win wasn't enough, today at practice I got to do something I haven't done in forever again! I got to run. Yep, two legs, moving rapidly, run! Well, I wasn't really moving rapidly. It was more of a jog, but at this point in the game I will take what I can get. I figure that you have to smile before you can laugh right? Not exactly the words of Ms. Dickinson, but hey, I am working on it.

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