Kyla's Blog - Week 1

Hey Everybody! My name is Kyla Evans and I am from Brewster, Washington. It's a really small town that most people have never heard of but it is where I call home. I will be a freshmen this year on the Eastern women's basketball team.

September 9, 2007

It is really strange waking up one day and realizing that in about 24 hours your life as you have known it for the last 18 years will completely change. Right now I am having that realization. The feelings it is causing are so strange. They are ones that I have definitely never felt before. On one hand I am so excited to get over there, start playing hoops, spending time with my teammates, meeting new people and really just starting this next chapter of my life. At the same time though, I am nervous and scared and sad. Nervous and scared because on the court I will be competing at a level that I have never competed at before, and at the same time trying to figure out life on my own. The sadness comes from having to leave the people that I love and the comfort of home. My family is one of the most important things to me in the world, so I know that having to say goodbye to them is going to be so hard.

So because it is my last day, I want to have some fun. First though, I have to finish packing. (A.K.A. Not Any Fun) We're talking laundry, organizing, cleaning, folding - the whole nine yards. I have about a million storage tubs of various items that I swear I "just can't live without." So I'm kind of also realizing that I have way too much stuff and that my roommate, Julie (Pipes), is probably going to get extremely annoyed by the constant overflow of my belongings in our 17-by-9 foot room. Basically I'm bringing everything anyway and just hoping that she will understand.

Finally, I am finished packing and my brother, Tyler, his fiancé, Raye, and her two sons, Cash and Colt, are just getting here to kick off another fabulously exciting Evans Family Barbeque (E.F.B.). Now we are all gonna head out to the pool to do some swimming and soak up the last few days of summer sun. The two little boys and I are floating around on an inner tube while the "adults" are preparing the food. Seeing that I love food, I am really excited that this little event is taking place. Food though, is not the best reason for the E.F.B. I'm so glad that my whole family can be together and enjoy the last day I have left in Brewster.

So the scrumptious dinner party is winding down and my boyfriend, Chase, is headed over to pick me up so we can head into town and hang out with some friends. We decide to go to another barbeque and dance at one of our friend's houses. It is so much fun! There is a D.J., and Chase and I are dancing and eating and playing card games and honestly just enjoying the best night that I could ask for.

The night is coming to a close and I have 100 different thoughts going through my head. But instead of trying to analyze every changing facet of my life right this second, I decide to instead just go to sleep. So I'm rolling over, cuddling up to my little Pomeranian dog, P.J., and trying to enjoy the last night I have in my big comfy bed in my house in the place that I know and love.

September 10, 2007

I open my eyes knowing that today is a big day in the life of Kyla Evans. So I figure I better get started. I'm scrambling around trying to get everything ready, because I do not want to forget anything. As I am finishing up getting ready, the inevitable is beginning to happen. I hear my dad say, "Hey Kyla, I think your Mom and I are going to go to work." Tears are coming to my eyes and I don't really know what to do. I'm giving my parents hugs and I'm finding that I really don't want to let go. I hear the door shut and their cars pull out of the driveway and I am just thinking about how hard this day already is. Just as my parents are leaving, Chase pulls up to say goodbye. I am already crying because my parents left and I just know that another emotional breakdown is in the works. He is helping me load my car up and the time seems to be going by way too fast. This good-bye is really tough because Chase plays football at Western, so we don't really know when we are going to see each other again. Once again as I am hugging him I am just not wanting to let go.

He is driving away, and I am driving away and once again I have so many mixed feelings. Excited to be heading to Cheney, but so sad to be leaving Brewster.

The drive over is a typical one. I am rocking out to a little Avril Lavigne and am making my best attempt to enjoy the boring scenery. As I pull into the parking lot, I get a little nervous for the conditioning I'm about to do. I have been running so I don't think it will be too tough, at least I hope not.

Well, my legs are dead and I am panting like a camel in the desert, but it wasn't too hard. Now I'm driving over to Jessica (Huntington), Nicole (Scott) and Amy's (Bratvold) house to unload my stuff. The freshmen are staying with them until the dorms open up. We are just hanging out at the house waiting for two o'clock to roll around so we can head down to the campus for our lift. We pull in and I immediately go to talk to coach Robinson about the fact that I can't lift right now. I just had surgery on my wrist, and it is still too sore for a strenuous activity like lifting. I am really excited because he is giving me an alternative workout so I don't have to completely sit out. As that gets over we start to head into the gym to scrimmage. I can't do this either, so basically I am kind of just chilling in agony on the sideline. I absolutely hate sitting out, so I cannot wait until my wrist heals up.

So the workouts are over for the day and now Pipes, Jess and I are just sitting around in the living room watching a little Monday Night Football. But I am really hungry so I think I'm going to go make dinner. I am not even close to being a pro style chef or anything but I think I am going to whip up a nice little chicken and rice dish. Now that dinner is over, Jess and I are heading over to (Katy) Baker's apartment to hang out and watch the latest episode of The Hills. I am having a great time hanging out with my teammates, but I am so exhausted so I head home.

I just got done talking to Chase and am laying on the couch (my bed) thinking about the day. It has been so busy and tiring, but exciting at the same time. Sometimes I still can't believe that I have moved away from home and am living on my own. It is hard to be away from my family but I feel like I am kind of creating a new family with my new teammates and coaches.

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