Kyla's Blog - Week 6

October 14, 2007

In one of my classes this quarter I have to write a paper on boundaries. In that paper, I have to analyze the boundaries surpassed in specific texts, but that's not the point. The point is that it fits perfect with my life right now. This last week has been incredible. It has been all about me surpassing boundaries. It has been about me doing things that I never thought I could do. It has been about meeting new people, doing new things and finally finding a sense of true happiness in my new home.

This is going to sound completely random, but for the rest of my life I honestly think that every time I hear the words, "Camp Reed," I will shudder in complete and total fear. For one, you are probably thinking, what in the world is Camp Reed? And two, you are probably thinking that I am an idiot because it's not like you actually see people walking down the street chanting, "Camp Reed, Camp Reed." But if for some reason they did, it would scare me. The reason is that on Tuesday we had to do a ropes course. If you don't know what a ropes course is then Google it. Anyways, I am very afraid of heights, so the ropes course was no walk in the park to be totally cliché. We had to climb up this tree, walk across this log, climb up another tree a little more, strap ourselves on to a cable, scoot off this platform and whiz through the air attached to a cable. It was insane. We were like 200 feet in the air, traveling at a good 70 miles an hour. Okay, so we were only up like 45 feet in the air and not traveling nearly that fast, but it was still insane! I'm going to admit something right now. It's kind of embarrassing, but if you are a regular reader then you know that the embarrassment factor rarely holds me back. I was bawling the entire time. We are talking like 10 minutes before I even started climbing. It sounds pathetic, but like I said earlier it was a huge mental boundary that I had to literally climb over. When I got done I had this crazy mix of emotions. For one, I was pissed at my coaches for jeopardizing my life and on top of that deciding to take pictures of every step of my mid-air emotional episode. No, I wasn't really that pissed, because I didn't die and the pictures are actually really funny. I mean really, really funny. Mostly though, I felt like I had just achieved something; like I was strong. It was so cool.

By the time Friday rolled around I had recovered from my recent trauma at Camp Reed and was ready for the start of practice. I was, of course, unbelievably nervous. It wasn't too bad though. There were times where I was definitely a spaz, but that's not unusual for me. Some of the drills were a little confusing, and of course there are approximately 2.5 million things that I need to get better at. But that's okay. You see, I am trying this new thing, where I am really trying to be positive with myself. Sounds crazy, but it is not always easy to do. It is super easy to think about the crappy closeout(s) you made, or the time(s) you were not low enough on defense, or how you are the slowest person in Eastern Washington women's basketball history when doing the drill walk the line. The hard thing to do is to remember that one time you were in the right spot on defense, or when you finally drove the ball baseline and scored. I am really trying to remember all the things I need to improve on, but also give myself props sometimes so that I don't hit rock stinkin' bottom in the self esteem department.

Alright, so if you have read my blogs you might think that you know a little something about me. Well I bet you didn't know that I know a few Serbian dance moves. Yep, that's right folks, Kyla Evans can bust a few moves-Serbian style. Last night in the dorms, Petar, Milan (both from the guys' basketball team),Tatjana and I were absolutely rocking out to some sweet Serbian jams. It was seriously the most fun I have had in a long, long time. It's amazing what happens when you open up and put yourself out there a little bit. You end up climbing trees one day, and getting your groove thing on with three Europeans the next!

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