Kyla's Blog - Week 10

November 12, 2007

Question: What does winning, strep throat and a fire extinguisher have in common?

Answer: My week.

So yea, basically the last seven days of my life have been total insanity. Wednesday we had our last exhibition game before the season starts. We managed to beat Central in the one of the ugliest most turnover ridden games in history. Maybe not in history, but it was not pretty people. Then that night my throat decided to become infected with strepness. I woke up on Thursday and pretty much couldn't swallow. It sucked. So I had to go to the Cheney Medical Center to get some meds and sit out of practice. Sitting out of practice could quite possibly be one of my least favorite things ever! You just have to sit there. I felt like I had Attention Deficit Disorder or some other serious tropical disease. It was Lame, with a capital L.

By the time Friday rolled along, I was still feeling like a train wreck. So I figured I would hop in bed early, ya know, catch some extra z's. Well that would have been possible if it hadn't have been for a few hell-raising individuals in Pearce Hall. They decided it would be a real knee slapper of an idea to enter in the women's bathroom on my floor and douse the thing with the bloody fire extinguisher. Real smooth gentlemen, real smooth. It also just so happens that my teammate, Tatjana Sparavalo, was in the shower at the time. This made her a key witness to the crime. So that whole ordeal triggered a fire alarm. The police came, and T (Tatjana) had to give them a statement about what she heard and the whole bit. Like I said, so much for the early, relaxing night.

And then there was Sunday: The day of my dreams. It was my first real college basketball game. I just wanted to run out on the streets of Cheney and exclaim my excitedness. Well, not literally, but it was a super thrilling moment. I mean, first real college game. I am going to remember that for the rest of my life. We ended up winning and it was pretty super. We didn't play to our full potential, but we had our moments of brilliance I like to say. I couldn't stop smiling the rest of the day. It was just awesome.

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